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We provide the following wellness services at Suriano Wellness Center in Yakima:

Who needs Chiropractic Care?

A Personal Message

Since 1998, I have seen the positive results from Chiropractic Care in my practice.

Some of my patients require chiropractic care because they eat so much processed foods that it cheats their body of vital nutrition. Many people suffer from a poor nutrition vital to the body functioning properly. As a result, I integrated a new component to my practice - whole food nutrition designed for the individual’s needs.

Many people have taken back the responsibility for their own health and want a doctor to be a partner to help guide them to greater health. As a person chooses to become and stay healthier, they will be supported in that effort in my practice. My practice focuses on prevention and lifestyle changes which lead to good health, instead of dealing with the results of illness or disease. If you have a problem that cannot be helped by chiropractic adjustments, I will refer you to the appropriate health care provider.

After years of living as though our bodies could be replaced part by part, we have become aware of the need to be more particular about the choices we make, because it can profoundly affect our health and quality of life. Since we’re living longer wouldn’t it be great to live more fully also?

I am committed to being your partner in health and helping you become and stay healthy.

The Big Idea

The body is a self healing organism. All the tools you need to achieve and maintain good health are already present in your body and are controlled by your nervous system which is housed within your skull and spinal column (all 26 vertebrae. VERTEBRAL SUBLUXATION is a condition in which a vertebra (spinal bone) has lost its proper position and is interfering with your nervous system's ability to function properly. The body can heal and balance without help under most circumstances. But in today’s world a person’s greatest enemy is STRESS (physical, emotional and chemical) and this can interfere with the body’s ability to heal and balance. Most stress causes the vertebra Atlas (C1) that balances the head and neck, to misalign thus displacing the body’s center of gravity. This in turn causes the rest of the spine to misalign in order to compensate. The most devastating result of this misalignment is the adverse affect on the brainstem and the rest of the nervous system.

The lack of pain doesn’t necessarily mean the nervous system is working properly. It is a known fact that every human body works most efficiently when the spinal column is in proper alignment and the nervous system is functioning freely. subluxation free. Choose to prevent problems (pain/illness) rather than waiting to deal with the results.




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