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Suriano Wellness Center - Gentle Chiropractic in Yakima, WashingtonHi, and welcome to the website.  I’m Cynthia Suriano, DC, practicing Chiropractic in Yakima since 1998. I practice a NO FORCE Upper Cervical Technique that gets excellent results with many different spinal problems and also other areas of concern, including joints. If you are looking for gentle chiropractic services in Yakima, WA you have come to the right place.  I also use Whole Food Nutrition in an effort to help the body heal itself in other areas of concern and obtain optimum health and wellness.

You have come to a place you can ask questions, receive answers, make comments and learn about Gentle Chiropractic Care and Whole Food Nutrition in Yakima, WA.  Please feel free to ask me questions about my Yakima chiropractic  services. I am good about checking my emails and will answer within 72 hours.

Call me  if you’d like to talk about  help  achieving your goals in your quest for better health. If someone offered you optimal health would you take it? If yes, click on this link.



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